Why Us?

Why Should You Partner With Mudita?

We at Mudita are strong believers in the adage ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. We believe that the energy created when people come together towards a cause is far greater than the efforts of individuals by themselves.

At Mudita, we look at giving as something that’s far more than charity. It is an approach to philanthropy, one that is combined with strategy and purpose. We consider ourselves catalysts in your (the donor’s) philanthropic journey where we partner with donors at every step of the way, right from helping to uncover areas of social change where they would like to make a difference while simultaneously finding beneficiaries/ NGOs that are working towards the upliftment of these specific areas.

We, at Mudita are committed to ensuring a donor’s ‘call to action’ finds the right fit in terms of the beneficiary who will receive the donation – thereby making the optimum amount of impact in the area of social change closest to the donor’s heart.

From the beneficiary’s perspective as well, we believe a right fit with a donor would not only ensure greater, more long term financial commitment – but also a commitment of the heart, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of the same amount of donation.