Our Team

Ripple Mirchandani

Ripple Mirchandani is a chartered accountant who sees the world beyond the debit & credit columns. As a Rotarian, Ripple has been actively involved in a multitude of projects related to girl’s education as well as healthcare in and around Pune.

She is also actively involved with the Jai Hind Sindhu Education Trust that runs educational institutes that cater to over 10,000 students in the PCMC area.

Katya Balasubramanian

Katya Balasubramanian is an economist & journalist by training. Having worked as a researcher for various polling & market research firms, Katya has worked with a range of issue groups gathering public opinion on various issues.

More recently, Katya co-wrote a report on philanthropy along with the Indian School of Business (ISB). She has also been responsible for the running of a special school for mentally challenged children in Pune, Poona Womens’ Council’s Mano Vikas.