Our Projects

Donors to Mudita have had a wide range of causes that they support from education, food security, special needs and so on.
Given below are some of the projects supported by Mudita.

Mano Vikas School for Intellectually Challenged.

One of the institutions supported by Mudita has been the Poona Women’s Council Mano Vikas School for Intellectually Challenged. Run under the aegis of the Poona Women’s Council, the oldest women’s NGO in Pune, Mano Vikas is run almost entirely on donations from philanthropists & well wishers, Mano Vikas students come from the economically weaker section of society.
Mudita supports Mano Vikas in a variety of ways. With increasing digitization, the need for updated computers if not a luxury but a necessity. Mudita has supported better computers as well as software at Mano Vikas.
Many students at the school had also been attending school without the uniform. One of our donors supported the donation of uniforms to all students at the school.

Asha Bhavan, Satara.

Asha Bhavan is a home in Satara, Maharashtra that cares of over a 100 mentally disturbed boys. A few years ago, we found that they were struggling to cover their monthly grocery bills. It was then that the project Anna Daan was started by a group of well-meaning women to support the annual food ration bills for Asha Bhavan. This project was taken over by Mudita about a year ago. Anna Daan allows people to support Asha Bhavan without making a major dent in their pockets. We have created a community of supporters for Asha Bhavan who contribute in multiples of Rs 6,000 per annum to ensure the boys at Asha Bhavan are well fed and taken care of.

Educational Scholarships.

Educational Scholarships: Mudita has also given out scholarships to young girls for their further studies. Our focus has been to provide scholarships to bright young & ambitious girls who wish to make a difference in the world around them. We have provided scholarships to young girls who are pursuing nursing diplomas to ensure they are able to realise their dreams.

Jagriti - NFBM.

Jagriti School for the blind was started by the National Federation of the Blind, Maharashtra in 1989 as it was found that despite the great need of educational & rehabilitational facilities for the blind, barely about 3000 students were being educated in the 60 blind schools in Maharashtra.

Jagriti school is situated in Alandi Devachi, near Pune. At present it houses 147 blind girls. Most of them are from the rural areas of Maharashtra. This school being residential in nature, the facilities provided are free to the students the cost of which includes Lodging, Boarding, Education and Medical Assistance. Regular Academic coaching is given to children here along with provisions for learning extra curricular skills like Vocational training, Craft , Sport and Cultural skills. Jagriti also prints books in braille for other schools in the state.

Love Kare Trust.

Mudita also partners with the Love Kare Trust Foundation based in Zurich, Switzerland in supporting terminally ill cancer patients in India with medical as well as palliative care.