Our Approach

We, at Mudita look at giving as one’s contribution & involvement in the lives of the less privileged rather than just an act of charity. We think of donors, the NGO beneficiaries along with ourselves as partners in creating a better world for all of us.

In speaking to donors, we are keen on identifying causes that are close to their heart, causes that have a personal connection with the donors. We believe that giving goes beyond the money shared. A Mudita donor gets involved in the cause/ group they are supporting because of this personal connection. The level of involvement thereby is also greater where many of our donors give beyond their money contribution – contributing their managerial, organizational and other skills as well.

NGO beneficiaries that Mudita works with are required to provide periodic reporting on their projects as well to ensure complete flow of information across all partners.

While Mudita plays the role of connecting donors with the NGO group/ beneficiaries initially, we are all partners in this journey. It is our role to ensure that donors find the right beneficiaries for their cause. And that beneficiaries are also in regular touch with Mudita as well as the donors over the period of time.

Thus is forged our 3-way partnership

  • Partner NGO carried out Periodic reporting.
  • Donor involvement through periodic calls/ reporting.
  • Mudita understands giving needs/ objectives/ focus areas.
  • Level of donor involvement.
  • Creates a strategic alignment of donor funds with giving needs.
  • Mudita carries out Due Diligence of NGOs.
  • Ensure genuine nature/ transparency/ accountability of the beneficiary.
  • Builds in a plan for Monitoring & Impact assessment.