Objectives Of The Trust

Objectives of the Trust:

The area of work of the Trust shall extend to the entire Union of India and will fulfil one or more of the following objectives.

Objectives of Mudita - An Alliance for Giving

(a) To undertake and carry out various charitable, educational and socio-economic programs for the upliftment of the downtrodden of the society, including women, children, senior citizens, etc.

(b) To establish, maintain and promote institutions and establishments of all kinds that would be the centers for promotion of the objects of the trusts and undertake cultural activities, e, establish community halls, libraries, training centers, etc.

(c) To establish and/or take over schools, fellowship colleges and/or other institutions for promoting various activities in the field of education for the downtrodden or otherwise.

(d) To give scholarship, provide loans and assist students for any primary and higher education in India or abroad.

(e) To help poor and needy people in every respect so as to uplift their lives, by providing them medical relief, educational help, housing facilities, legal aid etc. in addition to counseling, set up orphanages, widow old age homes, provide help to destitute, mentally / physically, psychologically handicapped.

(f) To take all possible steps to provide aid at the time of natural calamity or otherwise such as flood, earthquakes relief’s, riots etc.

(i) To give or arrange for free advice to couples and provide them marital counseling or legal aid.

(g) To provide employment to the underprivileged sections of Indian society.